Reliability Glossary

Subject Listing

For ease of reference, the contents of the Reliability Glossary (Alphabetical Listing) have been subdivided into topic-specific categories. The following subject categories are presented:

Accelerated Testing Terms - Accelerated life testing, Acceleration factor, Arrhenius model, Cumulative damage model, Eyring model, General log-linear model, HALT, HASS, Inverse power law, Proportional hazards model, Stress testing, Temperature-humidity model, Temperature-non-thermal model 

FMEA and RCM Terms - Analysis plan, Control plan, Criticality analysis, Design FMEA, Design for reliability (DFR), Design reviews based on failure mode (DRBFM), Detection ratings, Failure effect categorization (FEC), Failure mode and effects analysis, Failure mode criticality, Failure modes and reliability analysis (FMRA), Failure modes effects and criticality analysis (FMECA), Functional failure analysis, Maintenance tasks, Mode ratio, Occurrence ratings, Process flow diagram (PFD), Process flow diagram (PFD) worksheet, Process FMEA, Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) analysis, Risk discovery analysis, Risk priority number (RPN) system, Severity ratings

Life Distributions Terms - Exponential distribution, Failure distribution, Gaussian distribution, Generalized gamma distribution, Life distribution, Lognormal distribution, Mixed Weibull distribution, Normal distribution, Probability density function (pdf), Weibull distribution

Maintainability & Availability Terms - Availability, Down time, Maintainability, MTTR, NHPP, Repair, Repair distribution, Repairable system, Up time

Reliability Growth Terms - AMPM, AMSAA model, Duane model, Gompertz model, Lloyd-Lipow model, Modified Gompertz model, NHPP, Reliability growth

Reliability & Statistics Terms - BX life, Censored data, Complete data, Conditional reliability, Confidence bounds, Cumulative density function (cdf), Failure rate, Fisher matrix, Hazard rate, Interval censored data, Kaplan-Meier estimator, Left censored data, Likelihood function, Likelihood ratio, Maximum likelihood estimation (MLE), Mean life, Median ranks, MTBF, MTTF, Probability, Probability density function (pdf), Quality, Reliability, Reliability analysis, Reliability importance, Reliability life data analysis, Reliable life, Right censored data, Statistics, Suspended data, Warranty time

System Reliability Terms - Block diagram, Complex system, Decomposition method, Event space method, Path-tracing method, RBD, Reliability block diagram, System reliability

Testing & Analysis Terms - ANOVA, Competing failure modes, Contour plot, Degradation analysis, Demonstration test, Importance measure, Life data analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, Nonparametric analysis, Plotting paper, Probability plot, Probability plotting paper, Reliability test design, Reliability testing, Recurrent event data analysis, Sequential testing, Spares provisioning, SPRT, Stress-strength interference, Warranty analysis, Zero-failure test