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ReliaSoft Publishing
ReliaSoft Publishing provides reliability engineering reference publications on subjects such as life data analysis, accelerated life testing analysis, system reliability analysis and reliability growth analysis. These thorough and easy-to-understand publications are provided free with the purchase of ReliaSoft's standard software products and with training seminar attendance. 

To purchase individual (or additional) copies of ReliaSoft Publishing publications, contact ReliaSoft.

  1. Accelerated Testing: Statistical Models, Test Plans and Data Analyses (Wiley Series in Probability and Mathematical Statistics-Applied Probability), by Wayne Nelson, Published 1990  
  2. Analysis of Failure and Survival Data, by Peter J. Smith, Published 2002  
  3. Applied Life Data Analysis, by Wayne Nelson, Published 1982  
  4. Applied Reliability (Second Edition) by Paul A. Tobias and David C. Trindade, Published 1995
  5. Burn-In Testing: Its Quantification and Optimization (Reliability Engineering), by Dimitri Kececioglu and Feng-Bin Sun, Published 1997  
  6. Effective FMEAs: Achieving Safe, Reliable and Economical Products and Process Using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), by Carl Carlson, Published 2012  
  7. Environmental Stress Screening: Its Quantification, Optimization and Management, by Dimitri Kececioglu and Feng-Bin Sun, Published 1995  
  8. Handbook of Reliability Engineering and Management, 2nd Edition, by William Grant Ireson, Clyde F. Coombs and Richard Y. Moss, Published 1995  
  9. Maintainability, Availability and Operational Readiness Engineering Handbook, by Dimitri Kececioglu, Published 1995  
  10. Methods for Statistical Analysis of Reliability and Life Data (Wiley Series in Probability and Mathematical Statistics), by Nancy R. Mann, Ray E. Schafer and Nozer D. Singpurwalla, Published 1974  
  11. Practical Reliability Engineering, 4th Edition, by Patrick D. T. O'Connor, Published 2002  
  12. Recurrent-Events Data Analysis for Product Repairs, Disease Recurrences, and Other Applications, by Wayne Nelson, Published 2003  
  13. Reliability and Life Testing Handbook, Vol 1, by Dimitri Kececioglu, Published 1993  
  14. Reliability and Life Testing Handbook, Vol 2, by Dimitri Kececioglu, Published 1994  
  15. Reliability Engineering, by Elsayed A. Elsayed, Published 1996  
  16. Reliability Engineering Handbook Vol1, by Dimitri Kececioglu, Published 1991  
  17. Reliability Engineering Handbook, Vol 2, by Dimitri Kececioglu, Published 1991  
  18. Reliability: Management, Methods and Mathematics, by David K. Lloyd and Myron Lipow  
  19. Reliability: Probabilistic Models and Statistical Methods, by Lawrence M. Leemis, Published 1995  
  20. Reliability-Centered Maintenance, by John Moubray, 2nd Edition Published 1999  
  21. Repairable Systems Reliability: Modeling, Inference, Misconception and Their Causes, by Harold Ascher and Harry Feingold, Published 1984  
  22. Statistical Analysis for Engineers and Scientists:  A Computer-Based Approach, by J. Wesley Barnet, Published 1994  
  23. Statistical Methods for Reliability Data (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics.  Applied Probability and Statistics Section), by William K. Meeker and Luis A. Escobar, Published 1998  
  24. Statistical Methods for the Reliability of Repairable Systems, by Steven E. Rigdon and Asit P. Basu, Published 2000  
  25. Statistical Models and Methods for Lifetime Data, by J. F. Lawless and Jerald T. Lawless  
  26. Statistical Models in Engineering (Wiley Classics Library), by Gerald J. Hahn, Samuel S. Shapiro and Gerald H. Hahn, Reprint 1994


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