Submit Article to Reliability HotWire

We welcome guest submission articles to Reliability HotWire on topics of interest within reliability engineering and related fields. We expect guest submission articles to be relatively short and focused, readable and theoretically sound. Although most of the articles in the HotWire run from 800 to 1,600 words, we do not impose specific requirements on article length.

The decision to publish a specific article is made by our editorial review panel. ReliaSoft does not guarantee that all submissions will be published.

To submit an article for consideration, please prepare the article in Microsoft Word® (including any related graphics) and e-mail it to We will review the article and notify you of our intention to publish, then cooperate with you on any proofreading/editorial changes that may be required in order to prepare the article for publication in the HotWire format. If the article includes graphics, we may request that you provide the original graphics in electronic format (e.g., original *.bmp, *.wmf or other files).

Prior to publication, we will send you a link to a draft web page that shows how the finished article will appear. We also require a signed publication release form [*.PDF, 156KB].