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Issue 9, November 2001

Tool Tips

Is there a way that I can display probability scales on the probability plots in Weibull++? 

Probability scales allow the user to read parameter estimate values directly from the probability plot. To toggle this feature on or off, select Show Probability Scales from the Plot Options menu or the Plot Sheet shortcut menu (accessible by right-clicking inside the plot area). This will show the probability scales appropriate to the selected distribution on the probability plot.

Plot Options menu in Weibull++

Does BlockSim handle k-out-of-n parallel redundancy configurations? 

Yes. This functionality is controlled by the use and configuration of the nodes in BlockSim. Lines going out from units in parallel can end in a node. 

BlockSim reliability block diagram with k-out-of-n configuration.

A node is a block that usually has no failure characteristics (although they can be assigned failure characteristics in BlockSim). Double-click the node block to open the Node Properties window, where you can assign how many paths out of the parallel units must be functioning in order for that part of the system to operate. In this way, k paths out of n units can be assigned.

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