Reliability HotWire

Issue 86, April 2008

Tool Tips

* Can I edit the optimal solutions in DOE++s Optimization tab?
Clicking the Optimization icon in DOE++'s Standard Folio Analysis tab Control Panel adds an Optimization tab to the Folio and then opens the Optimization Settings window, which allows you to specify the goal for each response in your analysis (as a maximum, minimum or target value). The software will search for the combinations of factor settings that most effectively lead to the desired output and rank them according to their desirability. The solutions are displayed in the Optimization tab.

The optimal solutions generated by DOE++ cannot be edited, but it is very simple for you to copy them and edit the copy. Simply select the solution in the Solutions list and click the Duplicate Solution icon.

You can then edit the copy of the solution to create your own custom solutions either by dragging the factor setting lines in the plot or by clicking the Edit Solution icon and entering the factor values in the Modify Solution window that appears.

You can also create a custom solution from scratch by clicking the Add Solution icon and entering the factor values in the Modify Solution window that appears.

* What functionality is available in the Tasks area of my XFRACAS Portal page?
The Tasks area of the XFRACAS Portal page displays the tasks for the user who is currently logged in, including any uncompleted action items, open Problem Resolution Reports (PRRs), PRRs requiring review by the user, unclosed incidents and open projects, as shown next.

The number of items displayed in each section is determined by the users settings on the Portal Preferences interface.

Regardless of how many items are shown on your Portal page, however, XFRACAS makes it quick and easy for you to see all items of any given type. The number in parentheses at the top of each section indicates the total number of items of that type. Clicking the number runs a search for all of the relevant records and brings up a list in the Query Results interface.

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