Reliability HotWire

Issue 79, September 2007

Tool Tips

* What actions management features are offered in Xfmea/RCM++?

Xfmea and RCM++ offer numerous features to help you keep track of the progress on the recommended actions defined in your analyses, making it easy for the team to stay up-to-date. These include:

  • Action notification e-mails: In the User Setup, you can choose to enable action notification e-mails. Once you have done so, you can send an e-mail manually from within any action record. You can also choose for the software to send e-mail notifications automatically upon action creation and/or modification.

  • Filtered view of FMEA Hierarchy panel: You can filter the information displayed in the FMEA Hierarchy/Worksheet view by selecting View Records by Type from the View menu or by clicking the View records by type icon and selecting an option from the submenu that appears. If you select to show all actions, an Action Status drop-down menu will appear on the Project toolbar. This menu allows you to filter the actions by status (i.e. Reviewed and Approved, Complete, Overdue, Due or All).

  • Detailed queries: The Query Utility's Query Actions page allows you to query the current project or database for the actions records that meet your specific query criteria. You can select which data fields you would like to include in the query results by selecting the corresponding checkboxes. The results of the query are returned in a spreadsheet that can then be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis, if desired. You can also save the query criteria as a custom query for later re-use.

  • Print-ready reports: The Report Generation window allows you to generate print-ready reports that summarize the recommended actions in your analyses as well as detailed reports for specific actions. You have the flexibility to choose which analysis data will be reflected in the report, how the information will be sorted, etc. Reports can be generated in Microsoft Word Excel, which makes it easy to distribute to individuals who do not have the Xfmea/RCM++ software. You also have the flexibility to use Word or Excel to make further adjustments to the automatically generated output and to create HTML or PDF versions of the reports, as desired.

  • Graphical analyses: The Plot Viewer allows you to view a variety of plots and charts, which can be saved as metafile (*.wmf) graphics for use in other applications. You can also copy/paste both the chart graphic and the legend information directly into another document, such as a report document that you have generated in Microsoft Word or Excel via the Report Generation window. Available plots for actions include:

    • Action Costs Pareto

    • Action Status Pie

    • Action Category Pie

    • Action Priority Pie

* Try Before You Buy Easily.

We realize that when you buy software, you want to be absolutely sure that it will meet your needs. ReliaSoft's Free Download Store allows you to download evaluation versions of all of ReliaSoft's reliability software products as well as other free resources, such as reliability plotting papers. This store operates like any other online store, with the exception that all items are free.

Once you've examined a software package and decided to buy, it's simple to update your license. If you have Internet access, you can click the Buy a License Online link in the License Manager Information window that appears when you start the software.

You'll be directed to a Web page that allows you to access ReliaSoft's Online Web Store or print a form that you can mail or fax. If you aren't currently connected to the Internet, please contact the ReliaSoft office that serves your region (see Worldwide Calendar...) or call the Worldwide Headquarters at (+1) 520-886-0410 (Toll Free in U.S. and Canada: 1-888-886-0410).

No uninstalling and re-installing is necessary to enter your new license number - simply click the Update License button in the License Manager Information window. You will be prompted to restart the application. When you restart the application, the ReliaSoft Product License Manager will automatically appear, allowing you to enter your new license number for registration and activation.

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