Reliability HotWire

Issue 71, January 2007

Tool Tips

* Can Xfmea and RCM++ replace information throughout a project or database?
The Find and Replace window allows you to replace specified text within the projects in the current database. To access this window, select Find and Replace from the Tools menu.

In addition to specifying the text to find and, if desired, the text used to replace the found text, you can specify the parameters of the find or find/replace operation as follows:

  • Select to look in all projects in the current database, or choose a single project to look in.
  • Select to look at all record types or to find the text only in a specific type of record.
  • Select the conditions of the search:
    • Search for the specified text anywhere within the field, only at the beginning of the field or only if the specified text makes up the whole field.
    • Match the case of the specified text or ignore case.

Once all matching records have been found, you can choose to replace the text in all instances or only in the instances you select.

For more information about the Find and Replace window in Xfmea or RCM++, please see the Xfmea User's Guide or the RCM++ User's Guide.

* How can the Grid view in Lambda Predicts Data panel be configured?
Lambda Predict 2 offers a new feature, Grid Templates, that allows you to configure the Grid view to meet your needs and even to save multiple different configurations. To access the Grid Templates window, right-click in the Data panel while it is in Grid view and select Grid Templates. In this window, you can edit the default templates or you can create a new template associated with a standard.

The Grid Templates Selection panel on the left allows you to select a template for editing or deletion or to select a standard for a new template.

The Define Template area on the right allows you to define the template currently selected in the Grid Templates Selection panel, including:

  • Name
  • Criteria by which to filter the components displayed in the Grid view
  • Criteria by which to sort the components displayed in the Grid view
  • Fields that will appear in the Grid view, including the ability to define fields
  • Row height for headers and fields
  • Column format, including width, color and font

The Set selected template as active grid template for selected system field allows you to set the currently selected template as the default template for its system type.

For more details about grid templates, please see the Lambda Predict Users Guide.

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