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Issue 71, January 2007

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Hot Topics

The RCM Perspective on Maintenance
Maintenance has gained momentum and is now at the heart of many companies activities due to its vital role in the areas of safety, liability, productivity, quality, system reliability, regulatory compliance, profitability and environment preservation. With this new paradigm, new awareness, realities, challenges and opportunities are being presented to maintenance and operations specialists in various industries. In the center-stage spotlight of maintenance, there is a strategy called Reliability Centered Maintenance, or RCM. This article provides some background on the RCM perspective on maintenance along with a brief introduction to the major principles.

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Reliability Basics

How Good Is Your Assumed Distribution's Fit?
After fitting a distribution model to a data set when performing life data analysis, we are often interested in diagnosing the model's fit or comparing the fit of different distributions. In addition to the engineering knowledge that should always govern the choice of distribution model, there are many statistical tools that can help in deciding whether or not a distribution model is a good choice from a statistical point of view. These tools can also be used to compare the fit of different distributions. This article presents a survey of various statistical tools available in Weibull++ that can be used to assess the fit of a distribution model and compare it to other distributions.

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Tool Tips
  • Can Xfmea and RCM++ replace information throughout a project or database?

  • How can the Grid view in Lambda Predicts Data panel be configured?

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Hot News
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Advanced Registration for International Applied Reliability Symposium (ARS): June 20 - 22, 2007, San Diego, CA - Plan ahead and take advantage of the Advanced Registration discount! The 2007 ARS, North America has been booked at the Catamaran Resort Hotel, which is just steps from Mission Bay, the world's largest aquatic park ; walking distance to the Pacific Ocean; and minutes away from Sea World. ARS provides a forum for expert presenters from industry and government to come together with reliability practitioners from all over the world to discuss the application of reliability principles to meet real-world challenges. Advanced Registrations are currently being accepted at until April 20th, 2007.


MSMT Right Around the Corner: February 19- 23 Our first Master the Subject Master the Tools seminar of the year in the U.S.(MSMT Foundations: RS401, RS402, & RS403) will be held February 19 - 23 in Tucson, Arizona. Due to the popularity of both the course and the destination (few can resist Tucson, AZ in the wintertime!), this particular seminar has filled to capacity in the past. For those seriously considering this event, please make your reservations early to avoid scheduling issues. Click here for additional information:


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Public Training Event Calendar
February 2007
February 19 - 23, 2007: MSMT Foundations in Milan, Italy
February 19 - 23, 2007: MSMT Foundations in Tucson, Arizona
March 2007
March 1 - 2, 2007: RS 440 Reliability Analysis (Electronics) in Philippines
March 14 - 16, 2007: RS 521 Advanced QALT in Frankfurt, Germany
March 26 - 30, 2007: MSMT Foundations in Malaysia
March 26 - 28, 2007: RS 522 Advanced System Analysis in Tucson, Arizona
March 29 - 30, 2007: RS 470 FMEA/FMECA in Tucson, Arizona
April 2007
April 11 - 13, 2007: International Applied Reliability Symposium in Frankfurt, Germany
April 19 - 20, 2007: International Applied Reliability Symposium in Chennai, India
April 23 - 27, 2007: MSMT Foundations in Tucson, Arizona
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