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Reliability HotWire

Issue 59, January 2006

Tool Tips

* Can a Weibull++ 7 Warranty Analysis Folio be converted to a different data format?

When creating a new Warranty Analysis Folio, you can choose to enter data in any of three available formats: 1) "Nevada" format with quantity shipped and quantity returned per period; 2) "Times-to-Failure" format with exact times-to-failure for returned units or 3) "Dates of Failure" format with exact manufacturing and return dates. Warranty Analysis Folios using the Nevada chart format or the dates of failure format can be converted to a new data format by selecting Convert from the Data menu. Converting a Warranty Analysis Folio creates a new Folio and does not overwrite the contents of the existing Folio.

When you are converting from the Nevada chart format to the dates of failure format, if the Nevada chart uses numbers (rather than days, months or years) for its unit type, you will need to specify conversion settings in the Conversion Setup window.

You will also need to specify settings when converting from the dates of failure format to the Nevada chart format.

* Can values in a RENO spreadsheet be used during Flowchart simulation?
You can refer to Spreadsheets when building equations for Standard Blocks, Equation Variables and Functions. This enables you to access values within the Spreadsheet during simulation. To refer to a Spreadsheet, you must include inputs for the sheet number, column number/name and row number. For instance, in the Standard Block shown next, Spreadsheet1(1,3,5) is a reference to the cell in the third column and fifth row of the first page of Spreadsheet1.

Note that you can also set values within the Spreadhseet during simulation using the SET_NUMBER reserved keyword. SET_NUMBER(Spreadsheet Name, Sheet, Column, Row, New Value) sets the value of the cell at the specified column and row on the specified sheet of the specified Spreadsheet. Any existing value is replaced by the new value.


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