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Issue 54, August 2005

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Hot Topics

Determining the Connection Between Test and Field Reliability

In last month's HotWire, we discussed an application of categorical variables in accelerated life testing and life-stress analysis. In this issue, we provide another application of categorical variables for comparing test data and field data.


One of the most difficult activities for a reliability engineer is making a quantifiable connection between reliability results from in-house testing and the reliability experienced with items in the field. Often, tests will be performed on products in development in order to make an estimate of the reliability in the field. The results of these tests, however, may not match the actual field performance once the product has been released. In this article, we look at a way of using the proportional hazards model to help quantify an acceleration factor that can link lab and field reliability performance.

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Reliability Basics

Treating Common Cause Failures in Fault Trees

Common cause failure analysis is important in reliability and safety studies, as common cause failures often dominate random hardware failures. Systems affected by common cause failures are systems in which two or more events have the potential of occurring due to the same cause. Some typical common causes include impact, vibration, pressure, grit, stress and temperature. ReliaSoft provides an innovative approach to handle common cause failures. Failures that cause different events to happen can be modeled with mirror blocks in BlockSim.

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Tool Tips
  • How do I allocate a reliability goal across the components of a system in Lambda Predict?

  • What goodness-of-fit statistical tests are available in RGA?

  • Where can RENO examples and case studies be found?

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Latest Software Updates
New service releases are now available for BlockSim (6.2.15), MPC 3 (3.0.14), Xfmea (3.0.3) and RCM++ (3.0.3). To determine the compile revision of the application on your computer, select About from the Help menu. More Software Downloads...


Application Date Created Version
BlockSim 8/12/05 6.2.16
BlockSim Update 8/12/05 SR 6.2.16
Xfmea Standard 8/1/05 3.0.3
Xfmea Standard Update 8/1/05 SR 3.0.3
RCM++ Standard 8/1/05 3.0.3
RCM++ Standard Update 8/1/05 SR 3.0.3
MPC 3    
MPC 3 Standard 6/15/05 3.0.14
MPC 3 Standard Update 6/15/05 SR 3.0.14
Hot News
* Save on Weibull++ 7 Now ReliaSoft is working to release Weibull++ 7 in September. Therefore, we want to inform you that any Weibull++ 6 Standard Single User License purchased between July and the official Weibull++ 7 release date will automatically receive a free upgrade (20% savings). For those who currently own Weibull++ 6, we are offering a 10% discount on the Weibull++ 7 upgrade price. A summary of Weibull++ 7's new and enhanced features can be reviewed at the following Web site:
* RENO has Been Released ReliaSoft's newest software creation, RENO, is now available! The RENO software is designed for Probabilistic Event and Risk/Decision Analysis. Utilizing a visual and intuitive flowcharting approach, RENO allows you to model and analyze even the most complex probabilistic or deterministic scenarios. Numerous case studies have now been posted to help today's engineers determine how this fun and practical analysis tool can be used for such applications as Risk Analysis, Safety Analysis, Complex Reliability Modeling, Maintenance, Optimization, Decision Making, as well as Operational Research problems. Evaluation software is available for download upon request. Please visit the following link today to gain access to this new cutting edge analysis tool:
* RENO Training ReliaSoft's new release of RENO brings a refreshing approach to Probabilistic Event and Risk/Decision Analysis. Now is your opportunity to experience some practical yet fun ways to tackle a variety of complex problems. The training will be held October 5, 2005 in Tucson, AZ.
* Call for Presentations Do you have a success story related to reliability engineering? Do you have some testing and analysis that you are really proud to have accomplished? There are numerous engineers out there who could benefit from your experience. The 2006 International Applied Reliability Symposium, slated for Orlando, FL on June 14 - 16, 2006, is currently accepting presentation proposals that address the Symposium theme: "Sharing applications, success stories and lessons learned in reliability and maintainability engineering." The deadline for proposal submissions is October 31, 2005. For more information, please visit the ARS Web site at or e-mail
Public Training Event Calendar
August 2005
August 29 - September 2, 2005: MSMT Foundations in San Diego, California
September 2005
September 5 - 9, 2005:  MSMT Foundations in Lisbon, Portugal, organized by ReliaSoft Brazil
September 6 - 8, 2005: RS 511 Reliability Growth Analysis and RGA in Beijing, China, organized by ReliaSoft China
September 13 - 16, 2005: MSMT Foundations in Buenos Aires, Argentina, organized by ReliaSoft Brazil
September 19 - 23, 2005: MSMT Foundations in Penang, Malaysia, organized by ReliaSoft Asia
September 19 - 23, 2005: MSMT Foundations in Shenzhen, China, organized by ReliaSoft China
September 26 - 28, 2005: RS 522 Advanced System Reliability, Maintainability and Availability Analysis in Tucson, Arizona
September 29 - 30, 2005: RS 470 FMEA/FMECA and Xfmea in Tucson, Arizona
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