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Issue 53, July 2005

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Hot Topics

Modeling Interactions Between Variables in Accelerated Life Testing or Life-Stress Analysis

When analyzing accelerated test life data or life-stress data, interactions between factors are often wrongly ignored or poorly understood and yet have significant impact. This article presents a simple methodology for analyzing the significance of interactions among different factors and incorporating their effects into the reliability analysis.


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Reliability Basics

Using Categorical Variables in Accelerated Life Testing and Life-Stress Analysis

While ALTA Pro allows the use of numerical (continuous or discrete) variables, it also allows you to incorporate factors that represent categories. Examples include a product used in four different geographical locations, a product produced in three different manufacturing sites or a product that uses material supplied by two different suppliers. These types of variables are called categorical or qualitative variables. This article discusses the use of categorical variables and provides an example.

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Tool Tips
  • In RCM++, how can I indicate that certain maintenance tasks should be performed together?

  • What are the main differences between Xfmea Standard and Xfmea Enterprise?

  • How do I obtain goodness-of-fit results in Weibull++?

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Hot News
* Pre-Release Promotion The rumors are true!! ReliaSoft is scheduled to release Weibull++ 7 sometime this summer. Therefore, we want to inform you that any Weibull++ 6 Standard Single User License that is purchased during the month of July and August will automatically receive a free upgrade (20% savings). For those who currently own Weibull++ 6, we are offering a 10% discount on the Weibull++ 7 upgrade price. Additional product details will be posted on our Web site as they become available:

New Product Release ReliaSoft is scheduled to release RENO this month. The RENO software is designed for Probabilistic Event and Risk Analysis. Using a flowchart format, the software supports the modeling of complex dependent probabilistic events. Applications include, but are not limited to: Risk Analysis, Safety Analysis, Complex Reliability Modeling, Maintenance, Optimization, as well as Operational Research problems. ReliaSoft's RENO software comes with complete and detailed printed product documentation and online help files, as well as a multitude of example files and guides designed to get you up and running the minute the application is installed.

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  To request a demo copy of this innovative product, contact ReliaSoft.


2006 ARS Call for Presentations - The 2006 International Applied Reliability Symposium, slated for Orlando, FL on June 14 - 16, 2006, is currently accepting presentation proposals that address the Symposium theme: "Sharing applications, success stories and lessons learned in reliability and maintainability engineering." The deadline for proposal submissions is August 29, 2005. Subjects that will be covered in the 2006 Symposium include:
  Warranty reduction
  Reliability as an investment, not a cost
  Specifying reliability and reliability metrics
  Supplier management
  Data collection, management and analysis
  Reliability and safety
  Reliability and market share
  Reliability testing
  Software reliability
  Manufacturing reliability
For more information, please visit the ARS Web site at or e-mail

Public Training Event Calendar
July 2005
July 11 - 15, 2005: MSMT Foundations in Suzhou, China
July 13, 2005: RS 575 Intro to Reliability Concepts in Pune, India
July 15, 2005: RS 575 Intro to Reliability Concepts in Chennai, India
July 19, 2005: RS 575 Intro to Reliability Concepts in Manila, Philippines
July 25 - 29, 2005: MSMT Foundations in Philippines
August 2005
August 18 - 19, 2005: 2005 International Applied Reliability Symposium, Asia Pacific in Singapore
August 29 - September 2, 2005: MSMT Foundations in San Diego, California
September 2005
September 6 - 8, 2005: RS 511 Reliability Growth Analysis and RGA in Beijing, China
September 26 - 28, 2005: RS 522 Advanced System Analysis and BlockSim in Tucson, Arizona
September 29 - 30, 2005: RS 470 FMEA/FMECA and Xfmea in Tucson, Arizona
More Reliability Training Seminars...
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