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Issue 47, January 2005

Tool Tips

* While viewing the System Operation plot in RGA, how can the displayed systems be organized?

It is very conceivable that you could have many systems in your analysis. The System Operation plot could become quite busy trying to display all of these systems. However, RGA allows you to customize how the systems are displayed in the System Operation plot. Consider the System Operation plot displayed below.

In this case, there are only six systems but the process will be exactly the same for any number of systems. Select Plot Systems from the Plot Options menu. You can also access this menu by right-clicking the plot. The Select Systems to Plot window will appear, as shown next.

From here, you can select which systems to plot by checking or unchecking the checkbox next to the appropriate system. You can specify whether or not to display the overall system time line by checking the Plot System Time Line checkbox. You can also determine how the systems are displayed within the System Operation plot. You can have the systems displayed as they are entered by checking No Sorting, or the systems can be plotted based on any of the available columns (System, Failures, End Time or Operation Time). Simply click the header of any of the columns to sort based on that particular item. For example, you can sort the systems based on the number of failures in descending order by clicking the second column header. A triangle will appear in the column header, indicating that the data is being sorted based on that column. In addition, the two systems with the smallest number of failures will not be displayed on the plot, as shown in the next figure.

Click OK when you have completed making the changes. The refreshed System Operation plot is displayed below.

As you can see, Systems 2 and 4 are no longer being shown on the plot and the rest of the systems are displayed based on the selected settings.

* What are the dates and locations for ReliaSoft's 2005 public reliability training seminars?

The the dates and locations for ReliaSoft's public reliability training seminars in 2005 are available at If your schedule conflicts with these public training seminars or if your organization requires customized training, please contact ReliaSoft to discuss on-site seminar options.

* Is there a listing of reliability-related Web sites?

A listing of reliability-related websites can be found on at


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