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Reliability HotWire

Issue 43, September 2004

Tool Tips

* When using the Crow Extended model in RGA, how can a specific classification and mode be converted to another classification and mode?

There are two possible ways to do this. First, you could simply change BD1 by typing BC1 for each row that has BD1 specified as the classification and mode. This obviously could be a bit tedious, especially if you are working with many systems. An easier method would be to select Convert Modes from the Data menu to open the Convert Modes window.

The Convert Modes window allows you to select the failure mode that you would like to convert. You can select from any of the available failure modes that exist within the current data sheet, as shown next.

Select failure mode from the Convert Modes window

Once you have selected the failure mode that you wish to convert, enter what you would like it to be changed to in the text box next to Convert To. Click OK when you are finished and the selected failure mode will be changed to the new failure mode that you entered. Keep in mind that the new failure mode does not necessarily have to currently exist within the data.

* If the x-axis labels overlap each other while viewing the Individual Mode MTBF or Individual Mode Failure Intensity plot in RGA, how can this be fixed without changing the number of failure modes being displayed?

Depending on how many failure modes are being displayed, the plot may look similar to the one shown next. Notice the x-axis labels.

Individual Mode MTBF plot with overlapping x-axis labels

This can be alleviated by setting the x-axis orientation to be vertical using the Plot Setup. From the Axes and Grid tab, select 90 Degrees-Vertical from below X-Axis Numbers Orientation, as shown in the next figure.

Plot Setup

Click OK after you have made the selection. The plot will be refreshed and the x-axis labels will no longer be overlapping. The refreshed and readable plot is shown next.

Individual Mode MTBF plot with vertical x-axis labels


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