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Reliability HotWire

Issue 41, July 2004

Tool Tips

* What is Xfmea's new Failure - Cause Matrix?

Xfmea's Failure Cause Matrix allows you to view the failures and unique causes associated with an item in your project. To do this, select the item that you want to view the associated failures and causes for in the System Hierarchy panel and select Attachments then Failure Cause Matrix from the System Hierarchy menu. The matrix will appear, as shown next.

The failures associated with the selected item will appear by row (vertically) in the matrix and the unique causes will appear by column (horizontally) in the matrix. An X will appear in the intersecting cell when the failure is associated with the cause in the FMEA. For example, in the matrix above, the "Equipment failure (pressure, temperature or gas flows)" cause is associated with the "Thick deposited oxide out of spec." and the "Thin deposited oxide out of spec." failures. You may have to scroll through the window to view all failures and causes associated with the selected item.

You can also send the matrix to Excel by clicking Send to Excel.

* Can I customize the appearance of the Project window in Xfmea?

You can configure the appearance of the Project window in Xfmea to fit your needs. You can:

  • Show or hide the FMEA Hierarchy Panel or Worksheet
  • Show or hide the System Hierarchy Panel
  • Restore the view or split the screen
  • Expand or collapse all branches of the System Hierarchy Panel
  • Expand or collapse all branches of the FMEA Hierarchy Panel
  • Determine which columns are displayed in the hierarchies
  • Choose whether or not to display icons in the hierarchies
  • Use colored text to differentiate record types in the FMEA Hierarchy
  • Filter information displayed in the FMEA Hierarchy
  • Display additional lines of text in the FMEA Hierarchy
  • Increase or decrease the zoom

All of these options are presented in detail in Xfmea's online help file and the Xfmea User's Guide in the "Changing the View in the Project Window" section of the "Project Window" chapter.


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