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Reliability HotWire

Issue 40, June 2004

Tool Tips

* Why do I receive an error message when I export my Xfmea project to an XML file and then try to open the XML file in BlockSim?

You will receive an error message in BlockSim when you try to open an XML file that was created in Xfmea if at least two higher level items in the Xfmea project have the same name or if the project and a higher level item have the same name. This is because any item that has one or more sub-items is represented as a subdiagram in BlockSim and the diagram names in BlockSim must be unique.

When you receive this error message in BlockSim, you will be asked if you want to see the error report.

Click Yes so you can identify the errors in the XML file. You may be prompted to enter a path for the word processor that will display the error report. Type the pathname for an application on your computer that can open a text file (e.g. Notepad, WordPad, etc.). For example, enter C:\Windows\System32\Notepad.exe. (Please note if this is not a valid pathname/filename on your computer, then the report will not open.)

Click OK. The report will automatically open in the specified application with a list of the errors that have been found in the XML file. You can then go back to your Xfmea project and correct these errors, export the revised project to XML and then open the XML file in BlockSim.

* Who is the keynote speaker for the International Applied Reliability Symposium?

The keynote speaker for the International Applied Reliability Symposium is Rear Admiral Michael C. Bachmann, United States Navy, Assistant Commander for Aviation Logistics, Naval Air Systems Command. The title of his address is "The Challenge of Sustaining Aging Naval Weapon Systems." Additional information on the Symposium and the keynote address and speaker is available at


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