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Issue 40, June 2004

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Restructured Reliability Education Offerings

For more than a decade, ReliaSoft has trained thousands of reliability professionals from thousands of companies worldwide in both the subject of reliability and the applicable reliability analysis software tools. Over the years, these training course offerings have been expanded to include more than 20 courses in different subjects and utilizing different tools. As the number of subjects, courses and tools grew, we realized that we needed to restructure these course offerings to make it easier for attendees to select a path of instruction that meets his/her particular needs. To that end, ReliaSoft's reliability training courses have been reorganized into four course collections, with the expanded Master the Subjects, Master the ToolsSM (MSMT) course collection as the focal point.

  • The expanded Master the Subject, Master the ToolsSM (MSMT) course collection includes all public training courses that combine reliability engineering principles and theory with instruction in the use of ReliaSoft's standard software tools designed to put that theory into practice. This includes the Foundations Series, the Advanced Series and the Specialized Series, which are described below. These courses are offered in both public and on-site venues.
  • The Reliability Overview Courses collection includes shorter (one day) sessions designed to introduce basic reliability concepts, benefits and methodologies to management and a general audience. These courses are offered in both public and on-site venues.
  • The Selected Topics in Reliability collection includes courses designed to address specific topics related to quality/reliability. These courses are offered only on-site.
  • The Preparatory Courses collection includes courses that cover basic background subjects, such as engineering statistics. These courses are offered only on-site.

The Expanded MSMT Collection
All courses in the MSMT collection uniquely combine expert instruction in the theoretical background needed for each subject as well as the software tools designed to put the learned theory into practice. Within this collection, you can choose training courses from three series, specifically:

MSMT Reliability Foundations Series

The MSMT Reliability Foundations Series is composed of four course sessions covering basic subjects that will form the foundation for your ongoing reliability education. The Foundations Series is taught over five days and begins with an in-depth course on reliability/life data analysis. This session is the cornerstone for all subsequent MSMT courses. The next three sessions provide introductions to reliability growth analysis, quantitative accelerated life testing (QALT) data analysis and system reliability and maintainability analysis.

MSMT Advanced Reliability Series
The MSMT Advanced Reliability Series is a continuation of, and a detailed expansion into, the reliability growth, accelerated life testing and system reliability analysis concepts that were introduced in the MSMT Foundations Series. Each advanced course is taught over three days and provides an in-depth look into the subject along with hands-on applications using software. The subjects currently offered are:

  • Advanced Reliability Growth and Repairable Systems Analysis
  • Advanced Quantitative Accelerated Life Testing
  • Advanced System Reliability, Maintainability and Availability Analysis

MSMT Specialized Series
The MSMT Specialized Series includes instruction on specific reliability subjects and tools, such as FMEA, DOE and others. The subjects currently offered are:

  • FMEA/FMECA utilizing ReliaSoft's Xfmea software to support Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis.
  • RCM utilizing ReliaSoft's RCM++ software to support Reliability Centered Maintenance.
  • Probabilistic Event and Risk Analysis utilizing ReliaSoft's probabilistic risk analysis and stochastic event modeling tool, RENO.
  • DOE utilizing ReliaSoft's design of experiments software tool.

Creating an Educational Path
These reliability education offerings have been designed to allow you to select a path of instruction that meets your particular needs. For example, the MSMT Foundations Series provides an ideal starting point that will give you a good grasp of basic reliability theory and tools. From there, you can move on to the MSMT Advanced Series for expanded coverage of selected subjects and/or choose specific topics of interest (e.g. FMEA, DOE, etc.) from the MSMT Specialized Series. If you need a basic introduction to statistical methods, you can start with the Preparatory Courses collection before moving on to the MSMT collection. If you are a manager or otherwise interested in a brief conceptual overview of reliability topics and their applications within the business world, you can start with the Reliability Overview Courses collection. In addition, the Selected Topics in Reliability collection provides individual courses that fit into any of these educational paths.

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