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Issue 38, April 2004

Tool Tips

*What are the new and enhanced features for Xfmea Standard?

New and enhanced features include:

  • Integrated Control Plan and Design Verification Plan and Report (DVP&R) utilities.
  • Integrated Process Flow Diagrams, Cause and Effect Diagrams and other relationship diagrams.
  • A new Database Query utility that allows users to search multiple projects simultaneously.
  • A new Import Wizard utility that combines query and import capabilities to make it easier to build new system configurations based on existing analyses.
  • And much more

Additional features, benefits and examples can be viewed at In addition, you can investigate the features of the Xfmea Enterprise edition, which works with a centralized database on a network server.

* Can additional documents be attached to an RGA 6 file?

RGA allows you to link and/or attach files that were created in other applications to your analysis in RGA. You can also add links to Web pages. This allows you to keep supporting documentation together in the same place with your analysis.

This can be done using the Links and Attachments window, which can be accessed by selecting Attachments from the Data menu or by clicking the icon on the Data Folio Control Panel.

The Links and Attachments window is shown next.

Links and Attachments window

For attached files, RGA stores a complete copy of the file with the Data Folio. If you transfer the Data Folio file, the attached file will also be transferred. If you update the information in the attached file, you can save your changes and the modified file will automatically replace the existing file.

For linked files, RGA stores the full pathname/filename of the file. However, the file is not stored with the Data Folio. You can open the file directly from within RGA if the corresponding software is installed on your computer and the link is valid.

For linked Web pages, RGA stores the full URL of the Web page (e.g. You can open the Web page directly from within RGA.

* In RGA 6, how can the classification and mode be separated into the appropriate columns if they are entered together into the Classification column?

RGA allows you to paste classification and mode data together into the Classification column, as shown next. (Please note that you cannot type classification and mode data together into the Classification column; the combined data can only be pasted.)

RGA Folio of data to be parsed

The data in the Classification column can be parsed based on the known classifications of A, BC and BD. The mode can be any name or number. To do this, select Parse Modes from the Data menu. The classification will remain in the Classification column and the mode will be placed into the Mode column, as shown next.

RGA Folio of parsed data


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