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Reliability HotWire

Issue 37, March 2004

Tool Tips

*What is the appropriate format for importing data from a Microsoft Excel file into RGA 6?

The format required for importing data will vary depending on the type of data set being imported. You can get the data into the required format by saving an RGA Data Folio (of the same data type) to a Microsoft Excel file (*.xls) and then copying the data from the existing analysis and pasting it into the "template." Please be aware that each column in the Excel file needs to contain a certain type of information, depending on the data type. For example, when importing unknown equivalent times for multiple systems data from an Excel file, column D (in Excel) must contain the date information. If your data set does not contain any dates, this column must be left blank.

* In RGA 6, how can systems be organized while being viewed in the Advanced System View?

One way you can organize the systems in your analysis while using the Advanced System View is by selecting the system in the Advanced System View Explorer that you want to move and then selecting the Move Up or Move Down command available in the System menu. You can also right-click the system and select the command from the shortcut menu that appears, as shown next.

You can also move systems by dragging and dropping them within the Advanced System View Explorer. To do this, select the system in the Explorer that you want to move. Next, press Shift and drag the selected system to a new location in the Explorer. All systems will be moved down one spot in the list of systems to make room for the moved system.

* Where can I find past issues of the HotWire?

An archive of past issues of ReliaSoft's Reliability HotWire can be found at A subject index for ReliaSoft's reliability publications (including the HotWire) is also available at


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