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Reliability HotWire

Issue 36, February 2004

Tool Tips

*In RGA 6, can a fixed effectiveness factor be used throughout the analysis instead of specifying individual effectiveness factors for each BD mode?

Yes. In the Effectiveness Factor window, click the Use Fixed Effectiveness Factor button on the toolbar. If effectiveness factors are defined in the Spreadsheet area of the window, then when you click this button, the input box will display the average effectiveness factor, which is also displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the window. You can use this value or enter a new value into the input box. This value must be less than 1.

RGA Effectiveness Factor window

* When appropriate, can the termination time be marked on a plot in RGA 6?

The termination time can be marked on a plot by right-clicking the plot and selecting Show Termination Line from the Plot Options shortcut menu that appears. When this option is selected, the termination time will be marked with a line and two arrows, as shown next. You can set the color and thickness of this line on the Points and Lines page of the Plot Setup.

 RGA plot with termination time line


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