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Issue 36, February 2004

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Hot Topics
Developmental Testing with Corrective Actions Implemented During the Test and Delayed Fixes
Traditional reliability growth tracking and reliability growth projection models address reliability growth based on failure modes that appeared during the test. With the tracking model, all corrective actions are implemented during the test (test-fix-test). For the projection model, all corrective actions are delayed until the end of the test (test-find-test). However, for developmental testing programs, it is more common to implement some corrective actions during the test and some delayed fixes at the end of the test (test-fix-find-test). In addition, reliability growth assessments for the test-fix-find-test strategy are not provided with the widely used traditional models. This article presents the use of an extended reliability growth model for analyzing test-fix-find-test data in RGA 6 and is based on the paper "An Extended Reliability Growth Model For Managing And Accessing Corrective Actions" presented by Dr. Larry Crow at the 2004 RAMS.

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Reliability Basics
Predicting Warranty Returns
Accurate predictions about the quantity of products that will be returned under warranty can provide huge benefits to manufacturing organizations. Among other advantages, better warranty data analysis allows an organization to make the most efficient allocation of resources to warranty services provision. Likewise, they allow the manufacturer to anticipate customer support needs and take the necessary steps to insure customer satisfaction with the warranty process. Warranty data analysis can also provide a valuable early-warning signal to the manufacturer when there is a serious product quality problem in the field, which gives the organization time to mobilize its resources to meet the challenge before serious financial, legal or other problems occur. This article presents the process on how warranty analysis can be accomplished in Weibull++ 6.

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Tool Tips
  • In RGA 6, can a fixed effectiveness factor be used throughout the analysis instead of specifying individual effectiveness factors for each BD mode?

  • When appropriate, can the termination time be marked on a plot in RGA 6?

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Latest Software Updates
New service releases are now available for BlockSim (SR 6.2.3) and MPC (SR 3.0.11). In addition, RGA 6 (6.0.1) for reliability growth and repairable system analysis has been officially released. To determine the compile revision of the application on your computer, select About from the Help menu.


Application Date Created Version
BlockSim 1/12/04 6.2.3
BlockSim Update N/A SR 6.2.3
MPC 1/26/04 3.0.11
MPC Update N/A SR 3.0.11
RGA 2/5/04 6.0.1
RGA Update N/A N/A
Hot News
* 2004 Applied Reliability Symposium Advanced registration for the 2004 ARS officially ends March 1, 2004. Registration forms for this unique gathering of reliability industry experts, which is scheduled for June 16 - 18, 2004, can be obtained at:
* ReliaSoft Asia - ReliaSoft now has a regional office in Asia and a corresponding Web site to help engineers locate local representation and review upcoming training announcements. For the latest news relevant to ReliaSoft Asia, please visit the new Web site.
* RGA 6 Released This Month ReliaSoft's RGA was jointly developed by ReliaSoft and Dr. Larry Crow, the leading authority in reliability growth, along with significant input from corporate development partners including the U.S. Navy and Deere & Company. RGA is the only software that was designed with and endorsed and validated by Dr. Crow. To learn more about RGA 6 Standard and RGA 6 PRO, please visit:
* Reliability Edge The latest edition of the Reliability Edge was published recently. This edition includes technical articles by ReliaSoft engineers as well as some great guest submissions by the U.S. Army, Delphi Electronics and Safety and Dr. Wayne Nelson. View the Web version at A print ready *.pdf version is available for download from this site.
* Korean Seminar Product training on ReliaSoft's Weibull++ 6 and ALTA 6 PRO will be hosted by ReliaSoft's Korean Distributor, KoRTS Corporation. This two-day event will be held February 19 - 20, 2004 in Seoul, Korea. For additional information, please contact KoRTS directly at +82-(0)2-415-6702 or visit:
* Calendar of Public Events:
February Master the Subject, Master the Tools Training Seminar (MSMT) - Life data analysis, introduction to accelerated life data analysis and introduction to system analysis: February 23 - 27, 2004 in Tucson, AZ. For more information, see
  March Advanced System Analysis and BlockSim Training Seminar - March 22 - 24, 2004 in Tucson, AZ. An intensive theoretical and hands-on course (utilizing BlockSim) which exposes the attendee to the advanced concepts, principles and requirements for performing detailed system reliability, maintainability, availability and related analyses. For more information, see
    FMEA/FMECA Analysis and Xfmea Training Seminar - March 25 - 26, 2004 in Tucson, AZ. This course offers an overview of FMEA/FMECA analysis procedures with emphasis on the use of the Xfmea software. For more information, see
  April India Introduction to Reliability April 2, 2004 in Chennai, India. This one-day course provides a high level overview of reliability engineering principles and their applications in a maintenance centered organization. For more information, see
    India - Master the Subject, Master the Tools Training Seminar (MSMT) April 5 - 9, 2004 in Chennai, India. Life data analysis, introduction to accelerated life data analysis and introduction to system analysis. For more information, see
    China - Master the Subject, Master the Tools Training Seminar (MSMT) April 12 - 16, 2004 in Shanghai, China. Life data analysis, introduction to accelerated life data analysis and introduction to system analysis. This seminar is primarily in Chinese. For more information, see
    QALT Boot Camp April 19 - 21, 2004 in Tucson, AZ. This intensive three day course covers advanced topics, concepts and applications of quantitative accelerated life testing (QALT) analysis and ReliaSoft's ALTA 6 PRO software. For more information, see
  Reliability Growth, Repairable System Data Analysis and RGA April 19 - 21, 2004 in Tucson, AZ. Presented by Dr. Larry Crow, this course will discuss state-of-the-art methods for planning and evaluating the reliability of complex systems during three key life cycle phases: design, developmental testing and customer field use. Hands-on use of RGA 6 PRO will be used to enhance the learning process. For more information, see
From the Edge
In addition to the monthly Reliability HotWire, ReliaSoft publishes Reliability Edge, a printed newsletter that includes articles and information related to the field of reliability engineering. An article of interest in the current edition:
  • Graphical Comparison of Sets of Repair Data - As a population of repairable systems ages, the systems accumulate repairs and repair costs. The population Mean Cumulative Function (MCF) for the number or "cost" of repairs as a function of population age yields much useful information. This article and Nelson (2003) show how to estimate and graphically compare the MCFs of two samples of systems. This comparison also applies to recurrent event data on recurrent disease episodes, sociological and demographic applications such as childbirth, simulation of production processes and other recurrent events. See the complete article at:
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