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Issue 33, November 2003

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Ability to Edit Item Properties in Separate Worksheets in BlockSim 6.2

BlockSim 6.2, the latest service release for Standard and FTI editions, is a free upgrade for all current BlockSim 6 users. Click here for free product updates for BlockSim 6.

A block (or an event) in BlockSim has hundreds of specific properties that can be set via the Block Properties windows. The additional ability to edit these properties in a spreadsheet format has been requested by multiple BlockSim users. To address this, the latest release of BlockSim, version 6.2, includes an intelligent and customizable properties table called the Item Properties Table.

The Item Properties Table allows you to view and/or edit the properties of the blocks in the Diagram Sheet(s) and Fault Tree Sheet(s) within the current project, along with any defined policies, in separate worksheets. This provides you with another way of viewing and editing properties without having to open the properties windows for each item defined in a project (e.g. Block Properties window, Crew Policy window, etc.). Any changes made to properties in the Item Properties Table will be applied to the corresponding properties window and any changes made to properties in a properties window will be applied to the Item Properties Table. 

Obviously, including all the specific properties in a spreadsheet would result in limited usability. To overcome this, BlockSim version 6.2 allows you to select the properties that you want included in the Item Properties Table using the Select Visible Columns window, as shown next.

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