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Issue 31, September 2003

Tool Tips

*What database maintenance tools are available in Xfmea Standard?

The database maintenance tools in Xfmea Standard allow you to compact and repair the current database, as well as create a backup of the database. You can access the database tools by selecting Database Tools from the Tools menu. The Database Tools window is shown next.

Database Tools

  • Database Maintenance
    • Compact & Repair Database allows you to compact and repair a database. This is particularly useful if you have deleted a large amount of data from a database because it will reduce the size of the database. You can specify for the application to automatically compact and repair databases upon closing on the Settings (2) page of the User Setup.
  • Backup Database
    • Create Backup allows you to create a backup file of a database. The database will be saved as an Xfmea Backup (*.rsfb) file, which can only be opened by restoring the backup. You can specify for the application to automatically create a backup of databases upon closing on the Settings (2) page of the User Setup.
    • Restore Backup allows you to open a previously created backup file. When you click this button, a window will appear that allows you to select the Xfmea Backup (*.rsfb) file you want to open. This backup file will then be restored as a ReliaSoft Xfmea Project (*.rsf) file, which you can open using the Open Database command in the File menu in the MDI.

* How can I build a custom application using Weibull++ engines?

You can use the Weibull++ 6 DE (Developer Edition) software to integrate Weibull++ and/or Weibull++ calculation and plotting engines into your custom designed applications. This allows you to create your own applications with functionality similar to Weibull++, automate data analysis in applications like Excel or Access and/or create applications that link to corporate data centers and perform automated analyses.

The Developer Edition for Weibull++ 6 provides access to ReliaSoft's Weibull++ engines via the use of the RSW6API.OCX and access to the complete Weibull++ interface through the RSW6I.DLL Library.

* Where can I find an index of ReliaSoft's publications?

An index is available at In addition to past articles of the HotWire, this listing also includes articles from ReliaSoft's newsletter, the Reliability Edge.


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