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Issue 28, June 2003

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Hot Topics  
The Effect of Inspection Intervals
Consider a little known airline, Odyssey Air, that uses inflatable life vests manufactured by ACME Life Vest Company aboard its commercial aircraft. Odyssey Air wants to study and understand the effect of different inspection intervals for these life vests. The vests are stored until they are required for use. Therefore, failures remain dormant until the system is needed or until failed vests are discovered during scheduled inspections. Scheduled inspections involve testing all vests on the aircraft. Vests found failed are discarded and replaced with new vests (thus resulting in a mix of vests of different ages aboard the aircraft). Odyssey Air is contemplating different inspection intervals for these life vests. They wish to study the effect of inspections performed annually, every two years and every three years.

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Reliability Basics  

Throughput Analysis (Part II)
In last month's issue of the HotWire, the Throughput Analysis (Part I) article presented some basic throughput analysis concepts. Part II of this article will continue with the throughput analysis discussion by presenting a more complex scenario that incorporates the reliability and maintenance properties of the blocks and system. These are important factors that need to be incorporated when conducting a complete throughput analysis.

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Tool Tips  
  • How can I set Xfmea to send out e-mail notifications when I create and/or modify actions?

  • How can I perform criticality analysis in Xfmea?

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Latest Software Updates
New service releases are now available for ALTA 6 (SR 6.0.12), Xfmea (SR 1.0.2) and MPC 3 (SR 3.0.9). To determine the compile revision of the application on your computer, select About from the Help menu.


Application Date Created Version
ALTA 5/30/03 6.0.12
ALTA Update N/A SR 6.0.12
MPC 5/22/03 3.0.9
MPC Update N/A SR 3.0.9
Xfmea 5/21/03 1.0.2
Xfmea Update N/A SR 1.0.2
Hot News
* Expanded On-line eTextbook & New Case Studies for BlockSim - Engineers can now gain free, practical knowledge about system reliability, maintainability, availability, optimization, throughput and related analyses by referencing our expanded online System Analysis Reference: Reliability, Availability and Optimization. Detailed BlockSim Case Studies have also been added for those who enjoy education as it relates to practical applications.
* Xfmea Enhancements - At ReliaSoft, we continually strive to listen and meet our customer's needs. Therefore, we have already added additional functionality to our newly released Xfmea software package. Here are a few of the latest features contained within this free minor version update:
- The ability to import data from *.F2F files (generated with Ford's FMEAplus software).
- A Query Utility that allows you to perform queries for items, functions, failures, effects, causes, controls and actions based on any of the record properties. Query results can be sent to Excel for further analysis and presentation.
- The ability to select individual items without selecting all sub-items when using the Plot Viewer, Check Analysis Utility and Report Generation Utility.
* Singapore MSMT Rescheduled - Due to the SARS situation, the Singapore "Master the Subject, Master the Tools" seminar, originally scheduled for July 7 - 11, 2003, has been rescheduled for December 8 - 12, 2003. For more information, please visit:
* Summer Seminar in San Diego - We are already beginning to receive registration forms for our "Master the Subject, Master the Tools" seminar in San Diego this August 18 - 22, 2003. Early registration is encouraged due to the class size limitation and the popularity of this particular event. For more details to help you get a head start, please visit:
* IEEE/CPMT Technical Committee on Accelerated Stress Testing and Reliability (TC-ASTR) - The purpose of this AST Workshop is to share ideas on better ways of accelerating and detecting hidden defects, flaws and weaknesses in electronic and electromechanical hardware that result in failures during use. For more information, please visit:
* Training Around the World - Check for ReliaSoft Training within your region of the world by using our International Seminar Locator.

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