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Issue 25, March 2003

Tool Tips


*How can I quickly set the properties for multiple blocks within BlockSim 6?

BlockSim 6 offers many methods that can save you time when specifying block properties. These include the Active Block menu, the Global Update commands, the Format Painter and Multi blocks and they are described next.

Active Block Menu: You can now set the properties for multiple blocks without having to open and close the Block Properties window for each block. To do this, open the Block Properties window and select a block from the Active Block drop-down menu. The current properties of the active block will appear in the Block Properties window. You can then define the properties for the active block. Once you have finished defining the properties, you can select another block from the Active Block drop-down menu and define its properties.

Global Update: You can also save time setting block properties by using the Global Update or Global Update All commands (available from the Block menu and Template menu, respectively). Global Update applies the properties of the selected Template block to all blocks with the same name as the selected block that exist in the current project's Diagram Sheets and Templates. Global Update All performs a similar function using the properties of all the Template blocks in the current project's Templates.

Format Painter: The Format Painter tool (available from the Edit menu) allows you to copy the block properties from one block and apply them to another block in the current Diagram Sheet. You can specify to apply the block style, which includes the block dimensions, caption position and appearance, and/or the block properties, which includes the failure, maintenance, optimization and other properties as specified in the Block Properties window. You can also specify to apply the block graphic and/or any attachments.

Multi Blocks: BlockSim 6 also offers Multi blocks, which allow you to use a single block in the diagram to represent more than one block with the same properties. This can save time in defining and updating block properties and also save space within the diagram.


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