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Reliability HotWire

Issue 23, January 2003

Tool Tips

*Can I change the type of Data Entry Spreadsheet I am using in Weibull++ once data has already been entered into it and without having to create a new one?

You can change the type of the current Data Entry Spreadsheet in Weibull++ by selecting Alter Data Type from the Data menu. The Data Type Expert will appear, which allows you to select the new data type.

Weibull++ Data Type Expert

When you make a selection and click OK, the existing Data Entry Spreadsheet will be converted to accommodate the new data type and any existing data will automatically be transferred into the new Data Entry Spreadsheet.

* How can I resolve distortion that sometimes appears in charts created with the Chart Wizard?

When using the Chart Wizard to create a chart in a General Spreadsheet, you may experience some distortion of the chart appearance due to the Uniform Axes option. To correct this, double-click the chart in the Spreadsheet to select it. Next, right-click inside the chart to display the Format Chart shortcut menu and select Chart Designer. Select Plot from the Element Tree on the left side of the Chart Designer and click the Other tab. 

Chart Designer

Click to de-select the Uniform Axes option located at the bottom of the window and click OK to recreate the graph without distortion.



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