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Reliability HotWire

Issue 22, December 2002

Tool Tips

*How can I insert page numbers into a Report Work Center report?

The Report Work Center is available in many of ReliaSoft's products, including Weibull++ and ALTA, to allow you to generate custom reports based on your analyses. You can insert page numbers into your Report Work Center report once you have exported the report to another word processor, such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. To do this, you must specify the full path to the word processor on the Other page of the User Setup (shown below for ALTA 6).

After you have created your report in the Report Work Center, select Send to Another Word Processor from the Edit menu. A window will appear asking if you want to close the Report Work Center after transferring the report to the external word processor. After you make a selection, the report will appear in the word processor that you specified in the User Setup.

You can then specify in the word processor to include the page number on each page of the report. For example, if you are using Microsoft Word, you can select Page Numbers from the Insert menu. The Page Numbers utility will appear, which allows you to specify the position, format and alignment for the page numbers.

*Can I print the results from a calculation that I performed in the Weibull++ data folio?

You can easily edit, copy and print the results of a Weibull++ calculation. To do this, double-click any of the results inside the Results Area of the Data Folio Control Panel once the parameters have been calculated.

The results will appear in ReliaSoft's Result Panel. You can then copy the results to the Clipboard, print the results or send the results to a new General Spreadsheet.

*Can I import a data file with a different file extension than the ones supported by Weibull++'s File Import Wizard? 

The File Import Wizard can import files that are in Text (*.txt), CSV (*.csv), Formatted Text (*.prn), SMC (*.smc) and Excel (*.xls) file formats. If your application saves a file in one of these formats but uses a different file extension, you can still open the file in the File Import Wizard by using the *.* filter.

To do this, select Import from the File menu. In the ReliaSoft File Convert window that appears, type *.* into the File Name input box and click Open. All file types will be displayed in the window. Select the file with one of the acceptable formats and click Open again. The File Import Wizard will read the file, separate it into row and column entries and place it into the File Import Wizard window.



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