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Issue 22, December 2002

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Reliability Benchmark Survey
Benchmark Survey of Timely and Cost-Effective Application of Reliability Techniques

An opportunity to significantly improve reliability practices within your company...
The University of Warwick (United Kingdom), sponsored by the UK Department of Trade and Industry, is conducting a detailed and far-reaching survey of reliability practices.
ReliaSoft is pleased to cooperate in this valuable endeavor as a sponsoring partner and we encourage you to share your experience through participation in the survey.  

Companies world-wide, across all industries, are called upon to complete this powerful survey. The size of the response will enhance the survey's power, to draw together several hundred companies world-wide, in the analysis of reliability best-practice.  

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Find the true benefit of your reliability techniques...
The survey will benchmark reliability activity according to:

  • the speed that reliability techniques deliver useful output,
  • the quantity and cost-effectiveness of that output,
  • its authority and accuracy, and
  • the uses to which the output contributes--within the project, for future projects, and in funding further knowledge acquisition.

The survey is multi-dimensional, covering both physical product improvement, and project planning and management. It is divided into 4 sections:

  • Part 1: Corporate information
  • Part 2: Project information
  • Part 3: Project phase information
  • Part 4: Reliability Technique information

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Understand how to improve your projects...
The survey is designed to investigate the contextual factors that leads a project to choose specific reliability techniques, such as the project risks, the corporate ethos, reliability staff organization and responsibilities, R&D investment, product complexity and criticality, timescales, consistency of purpose, ability to communicate (both internally and externally), customer involvement, existing knowledge-base, and many other factors.

The survey takes the premise that reliability techniques contribute to projects by reducing risk and identifying opportunities to improve a product, both physically and through improvements to project management. Knowledge has greater value if it is authoritative, timely, is applied effectively within a project and is able to reduce effort in future projects. However, different companies have differing contexts -- their industries, technologies and market segments will all differ. Only by fully understanding the contextual placement of reliability techniques will it be possible to give helpful benchmark feedback.

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Get comprehensive feedback...
Upon conclusion of the survey, all participants will receive a report of the analysis results, general guidelines and individual comments. All surveys will be treated in confidence and will not be divulged to any other agency, either completely or in part, in any form that would permit identification of the respondent. The University of Warwick regularly conducts confidential research and, if required on an individual basis, would comply with reasonable specific agreements upon request. Any such request should be made to Les Warrington (contact details below).

Join In...
All completed surveys will be treated in strict confidence. You can download the survey form (in *.pdf format) from the Web or request a printed survey package.

Download Survey Form (*.pdf) 
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  • Les Warrington
    Senior Fellow (Quality & Reliability)
    University of Warwick
    Gibbet Hill Road
    Coventry, CV4 7AL, United Kingdom

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