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Reliability HotWire

Issue 21, November 2002

Tool Tips

*Can I use Weibull++ to calculate the optimum replacement time for a component?

In addition to the Optimum Replacement utility in ReliaSoft's BlockSim, you can also use Weibull++ to calculate the optimum replacement time for a component, using the Function Wizard. To do this, calculate the data set for the component in a Weibull++ Data Folio. Next, insert a General Spreadsheet into the Data Folio and activate the Function Wizard. Select Table of block replacement times from the function list in the Function Wizard. Enter the start time, end time, increment time, cost of the planned replacement and cost of the unplanned replacement in the corresponding input boxes, as shown in the figure below. Please note that the narrower the time range for which the table is generated, the more precise the optimum replacement time will be.

Weibull++ Function Wizard with optimum replacement function selected

Once you have entered the required inputs, click OK. A table will be placed into the General Spreadsheet. To determine the optimum replacement time, look for the lowest cost per unit time value in the Cost/Unit Time column.

*Can I perform QCP calculations in Weibull++ for multiple Data Folios without having to open and close the QCP each time?

By default, the QCP links only to the Data Folio that called it and will only extract the data from the most current Data Entry Spreadsheet. However, you can opt to have the QCP link to any Folio open in the MDI and be able to extract data from any Data Entry Spreadsheet within a Folio. 

This can be done by selecting the While QCP is open, have access to all open Folios option from the Data Folio page of the User Setup. By selecting this option, the QCP will stay open and remain the top-most window, yet still allow you to have access to any open Data Folios and calculated Data Entry Spreadsheets. The name of the Data Folio and Data Entry Spreadsheet that the QCP is currently linked to will be displayed in the display box at the bottom of the QCP window.

*How can I create a Web-friendly graphic file (such as a *.gif) of a plot in RS Draw?

RS Draw gives you the ability to save your RS Draw graphics as Windows metafile (*.wmf) graphics. These graphics can then be opened or imported into another application (such as Paint Shop Pro or Corel Draw) and then saved or exported in another file format. You can also copy the graphic in RS Draw by selecting Select All and then Copy from the Edit menu and then paste it into another application.



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