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How can I configure the metrics and colors in BlockSim’s FRED reports?



BlockSim's Failure Reporting, Evaluating and Display (FRED) reports provide a graphical demonstration of the reliability and maintainability/availability characteristics of the components in a system and help to identify the components that may require improvement.

New in Version 11, you can select which metrics you want to show on the blocks in the FRED report. Simply select the desired metrics in the Available Results list on the control panel. You can drag the metrics up and down in this list to change the order in which they're shown on the blocks.

Available results from FRED reports

The metric indicated by a green check mark is the primary metric; this is the metric by which the blocks are ranked and color-coded. You can set any result as the primary metric at any time by double-clicking the result name.

To change the range of values represented by the color scale, click the Set Color Limits icon on the control panel.

Set Color Limits

In the Set Color Limits window, specify the lower limit and upper limit. For example, if the primary metric is reliability and you want to highlight the blocks with a reliability under a certain percentage, set the lower limit of the spectrum to that value, then refresh the plot. If Show all values in legend is selected, the legend will show the full range of values; if it is not selected, the legend will show only the values between the upper and lower limits that you have specified. This is shown in the preview within the Set Color Limits window.

Set Color Limits window

To automatically determine a minimum/maximum for the color limits based on the blocks in the diagram, click the Calculate Color Limits icon on the control panel.