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How do I export diagrams created in Weibull++/ALTA to BlockSim?



Starting in Version 11, if you have both Weibull++/ALTA and BlockSim activated on your computer, you can export a reliability block diagram (RBD) created in Weibull++/ALTA to a new BlockSim simulation diagram. This allows you to perform more complex system availability, maintainability and related analyses using discrete event simulation.

When you analyze a diagram in Weibull++/ALTA, the results are always based on the current analysis of the associated data sheets. If you wish to export the diagram to BlockSim, all blocks in the diagram must have published models. The models will be used to create universal reliability definitions (URDs) for BlockSim.

Publish a Model for Each Block

To publish a model, double-click a block to open its associated data sheet, then choose Life Data > Synthesis > Publish Model or click the Publish Model icon on the Publishing page of the control panel.


After the model has been published, the Main page of the control panel will display the model’s sync status. The label "Synchronized" indicates that the published model reflects the latest result of the analysis. If the analysis has been modified since the model was last published (e.g., more data were added, an analysis setting has changed, etc.), the status will display as "Out of Sync."

Sync status in control panel

Analyze the Diagram

To confirm that the structure of the diagram meets the requirements for analysis (e.g., one starting block, one ending block, etc.), click the Analyze icon on the control panel.


Export the Diagram to BlockSim

To export the diagram to BlockSim, click the Send to BlockSim icon on the control panel.


This automatically launches BlockSim and creates a new simulation diagram that is stored in the same project as your Weibull++/ALTA data.

The diagrams are not linked. Any changes you make to the diagram configuration in Weibull++/ALTA will not be automatically reflected in BlockSim and vice versa. If you later edit the associated analyses in Weibull++/ALTA, you will need to republish the models in order to see the changes reflected in BlockSim.

BlockSim RBD