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How can I enable the "Item Risk" feature in Xfmea/RCM++/RBI?



Introduced in Version 11 of Xfmea/RCM++/RBI, the Item Risk feature provides a quick way to evaluate the risk for system hierarchy items, using the same Severity and Occurrence rating scales that FMEAs use when calculating RPNs. The ratings assigned to the item can be used to calculate two metrics:

To configure a project to calculate the metrics, first enable the ratings and the desired metric(s) on the Item > Properties page of the project's interface style.

Item Properties

If you want to use the Item Risk priority and/or color-code the metrics, you must also define the risk ranking logic on the FMEA > RPNs page, such as the one shown below:

Risk Ranking

For each item, choose the appropriate ratings in the Properties tab of the Analysis panel. The values chosen can be based on the specific criteria that the FMEA team decides is appropriate (e.g., the most likely failure, the most severe failure, the complete failure of the item, etc.). The Item SxO and Item Risk values will also be displayed if you have enabled them.

Item Risk Values

In addition, you can also display these metrics in the System panel by right-clicking the column headings then clicking Customize Columns and selecting the Item SxO and Item Risk columns.

System Hierarchy