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What’s new in BlockSim 11?



In addition to new functionality such as the Fault Tree Tracer and improved FRED reports, BlockSim 11 offers some usability enhancements that you won’t want to miss. For example:

Find the Diagram You’re Looking For

The Block Explorer is a convenient new tool that allows you to view, filter, sort and search the blocks in RBDs and fault trees throughout the current database. For instance, you might be looking for an RBD that models a particular standby configuration. You could filter the list to show only container blocks, making it much easier to find the diagram you're looking for.

Block Explorer

Preview Subdiagrams

Sometimes you just want a quick look at a subdiagram, instead of having to open it up. Now, you can select any subdiagram and press SPACE or choose the Selection > Quick View command on the ribbon to get a quick preview of the subdiagram.

Subdiagram Preview

Insert Blocks More Easily

Need an extra block between two blocks you’ve already connected? Now you don’t have to delete the connector and add new ones. Just drag the new, unconnected block onto the existing connector; the connector will be split and the new block inserted.

Inserting a Block

Safeguard Your Work in Progress

Diagrams are always saved upon calculation or close. BlockSim 11 now offers two new ways to make sure that your work is saved in the interim, in case of network instability.