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How Do I Create New Stress Profiles in ALTA PRO Version 11?



In ALTA PRO, stress profiles describe testing or use conditions where the stress varies with time (e.g., step-stress, ramp-stress, etc.). They are designed to be used with the cumulative damage model.

Starting in Version 11, stress profiles are now resources that can be shared between analyses. When you create a stress profile in a reference project, you can even share them between projects in a database. (Reference projects were discussed in HotWire Issue #185.)

Creating a Stress Profile

Starting in Version 11.1.1, there are two ways to create stress profiles in ALTA PRO:

Option 1: Create the profile via the control panel of the folio.

When you select the cumulative damage model, the folio’s control panel will show the Stress Profile icon icon, which allows you create a new stress profile.

The control panel will also show links to the stress profiles currently used in the data sheet, as shown in the example below.

The ALTA life-stress analysis data sheet showing the stress profiles

Option 2: Create the profile via the Resource Manager.

To open the Resource Manager, click the Stress Profile icon icon on the folio's control panel, or choose Project > Synthesis > Resource Manager on the Ribbon. (If accessed from the Ribbon, choose Profiles on the navigation panel of the Resource Manager window.)

From the Resource Manager, you can add, edit or delete all stress profiles created in the project.

The Resource Manager window showing the stress profiles in a project