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How can I send a copy of a Synthesis database or project via e-mail?



Synthesis desktop applications allow you to directly send a copy of a standard database or project using your default e-mail application.

Open the standard database you want to send via e-mail, and then choose File > Pack and E-mail.

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The software will create a compressed copy of the database (*.rsgz11) and immediately attach it to a new e-mail message.

Note: A compressed copy of a secure database will continue to be secure. This means that the intended user of the compressed file must already have read/write permissions in the database prior to creating the compressed copy; otherwise, the user won’t be able to open the database after unpacking the compressed file.

To send a copy of a project only, open the project of interest and choose Project > E-mail Project > Pack and E-mail. (You can send copies of projects from either standard or enterprise databases.)

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Unpacking the Compressed File

Double-click the compressed file to unpack it, and it will ask you to choose a Synthesis application to launch. The software will then create a new standard database and save it in the default documents folder for your computer (e.g., My Documents\ReliaSoft\Files). Any changes you make in the copy will not affect the original database or project.