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How do I set default column names in a Weibull++/ALTA or RGA data sheet?



In life data (Weibull++), life-stress data (ALTA) and growth data (RGA) folios, creating a new data sheet automatically applies default column headings that are generally appropriate for the analysis. If there are certain types of data that you frequently use (e.g., miles-to-failure, cycles-to-failure, etc.), you can customize the column headings to always use your preferred column titles.

Modify the Default Headings

To modify the defaults for a particular data type, first rename the column headings in an existing data sheet. Right-click the heading and choose Rename Column on the shortcut menu.

Life data folio

Then save the new titles as the defaults. In Weibull++, choose Life Data > Format and View > Set Headers as Default. (In ALTA, the command is in the Life-Stress Data tab; in RGA, it's in the Growth tab.)


These preferences are saved for the current computer/username and will be applied the next time you create a new data sheet for that particular data type.

Apply New Defaults to Existing Data Sheets

To apply the new default headings to an existing analysis, open the data sheet and choose Life Data > Format and View > Apply Default Headers.


Restore the Default Headings

If you ever need to restore the default column headings back to the shipped settings, choose File > Application Setup. Then click Reset Application Settings or Reset All Settings on the Reset Settings page.