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How do the drag-and-drop tools in BlockSim/RENO work?



Introduced in Version 10, BlockSim and RENO provide two drag-and-drop tools to make building diagrams easier.

Drag and Drop URDs is available in the control panel for BlockSim's analytical and simulation RBDs and fault trees. On this page, you will see a list of the URDs that are available for use by blocks in the diagram. Drag a URD into the diagram to create a standard block/event that uses the URD.

The list of URDs can be filtered using the same resource filter that is available in many other locations throughout Synthesis desktop applications. For example, in the next image, a filter has been applied that shows only URDs that belong to the Landing Gear category.

Control Panel Drag and Drop URDs Page with Filter

The Drag and Drop Blocks ribbon command is a toggle that allows you to use BlockSim diagrams and RENO flowcharts in two different modes.