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How can I modify my diagram's appearance?



In any diagram, you can use the Diagram Style window to set the appearance settings. Diagram skins allow you to specify an entire suite of appearance settings that can be reused quickly and easily for any diagram. Starting in Version 10, diagram skins are universal across all of the Synthesis desktop applications, so you can use them for diagrams in BlockSim/RENO, Weibull++/ALTA and Xfmea/RCM++/RBI, allowing you to maintain a consistent look throughout your analyses.

To create, modify or manage skins, open a diagram, right-click it and choose Diagram Style. The skin that is currently applied to the diagram is shown the lower left corner of the window, along with commands for working with the skins.

If you want to apply one of the skins that come with the software, or a custom skin that you've saved on your computer, click Select Skin.

If you want to make your own skin, simply use the Diagram Style window to define the settings and click Save as Skin. You can either save the modifications to the current skin or save it as a new skin, depending on the name you enter. (For information on what settings can be changed, refer to http://help.synthesisplatform.net/blocksim_reno10/diagram_style_settings.htm.)

Of course, you can only edit the settings for items that are available in the current diagram type. For example, open a RENO flowchart if you want to define the skin's settings for a binary node block; open a cause and effect diagram to define settings for an FMEA failure block.

You can also import skins that were created elsewhere (e.g., by another user or on another computer). Click Manage Skins and then click Import to browse for *.dskin files. If you'd like to change the skin that is used by default when you create new diagrams, click the Manage Skins icon and click Set Defaults.