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Issue 19, September 2002

Tool Tips

*What are the policy guidelines for a single-user license for ReliaSoft software products?

ReliaSoft applications are licensed, not sold. ReliaSoft licenses its software on a per user basis. In other words, ReliaSoft licenses the product to each end user and not to a particular computer. Upon purchase, the user accepts the terms of the End-User License Agreement (EULA) and is granted the right to use the application. A complete EULA is available for review upon request.

The Single User License is designed for and licensed to one individual user. Each package includes 1 installation CD, user's guide and theoretical reference book per license.

Install Use Rights
The end-user may install and use the application on a work computer, home computer or portable computer, provided that the end-user is the only person who uses this application, at any time, in any of these locations.

If other users will use the application on any of the computers that the application will be installed on, then additional Single User Licenses or a Network License needs to be obtained for each user who plans to use the application.

Technical Support
ReliaSoft provides software technical support for registered licensed users at no charge via phone, fax, or e-mail.

Additional information regarding the licensing of ReliaSoft products can be found at

*How can the reliability equation be toggled on/off when conducting analysis of an RBD in BlockSim?

Upon analyzing a reliability block diagram (RBD) for the first time in BlockSim, the reliability equation for the given system will appear in the Results Panel. An example of this is shown in Figure 1.

BlockSim's Result Panel with reliability equation displayed

Figure 1: Reliability equation in BlockSim's Results Panel

When you close this window the first time, you will be prompted to specify whether you want to display the reliability equation each time the diagram is analyzed. Click Yes if you would like the reliability equation to appear after each analysis or click No if you do not want it to appear. You can change this preference at any time from the Warnings page of the User Setup by setting the Do not show the Reliability Equation on 'Analyze' option to reflect your choice. This User Setup option is shown in Figure 2.

User Setup Warnings page with preference to not show the reliability equation each time a diagram is analyzed

Figure 2: User Setup Warnings page with option selected to not show the reliability equation each time a diagram sheet is analyzed

*For a system with subdiagram(s) in BlockSim, how can the speed of the analysis be increased?

This can be accomplished using the Represent Diagram as Distribution option within the Block Properties window, as shown in Figure 3.

Represent Diagram as Distribution option in Block Properties window

Figure 3: Block Properties window

With this option, rather than the combined distributions of all the subdiagram components, a single distribution will be used to perform the analysis on the diagram that contains the subdiagram block. When Represent Diagram as Distribution has been selected, the Distribution Settings button will become enabled. Click the button to open the Distribution Settings window, which will allow you to specify the distribution properties for the subdiagram.

BlockSim Distribution Settings window

Figure 2: Distribution Settings window

This window provides several options to define the distribution for the subdiagram, including the ability to set the properties of the subdiagram using Weibull++ or simply to select a distribution and enter the values of the parameters. When you are finished, click Update to implement the settings.



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