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How can I quickly edit multiple local resources at one time?



Performing system reliability/availability analyses in BlockSim, RCM++ or RBI often involves many Synthesis resources, particularly Universal Reliability Definitions (URDs) and models. The Batch Properties Editor enables you to quickly edit the resource properties in a convenient grid, rather than opening the properties window for each individual resource.

This can be useful when performing "what-if" analysis where you want to change the values used in many different resources at the same time.

For example, the following picture shows some reliability and availability results for a fictional chandelier that were estimated using the Failure Modes and Reliability Analysis (FMRA) feature in RCM++.

Batch Properties Editor - initial FMRA values

If you want to consider the impact of some proposed improvements to the bulb and socket, you can create a duplicate project and then use the Batch Properties Editor to quickly update the relevant properties for the "what-if" scenario.

To open the Batch Properties Editor, choose Project > Synthesis > Batch Properties Editor.

Batch Properties Editor icon

In the navigation panel on the left side of the window, choose the Models resource and update the relevant values by typing in the grid:

Batch Properties Editor - revised values

The changes are saved when you close the window or when you choose Home > Display > Refresh.

Refresh icon

Finally, return to the FMRA view and re-simulate to update the results.

Batch Properties Editor - revised FMRA values