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How can I make it easier to build equations in RENO?



In RENO, equations can be used in a variety of block types (e.g., standard blocks, conditional blocks, etc.) and resource types (e.g., RENO functions, simulation definitions, etc.). RENO offers a variety of tools to make it simple to build your equations.

Color-Coding and Preview

RENO automatically recognizes and color-codes many items to assist in reading the equation. This includes:

Color-coding in RENO

When the cursor is positioned on one of these items, a preview area displays a summary and allows you to open the resource’s properties window, if applicable.

Preview area and associated resource

Function Selection

Click the right arrow in the field to open the function selector. This tool allows you to quickly add resources, internal functions, predefined functions and analysis workbooks to the equation.

RENO function selector

To find the item you want, you can scroll the list, or you can search within the list by typing the search term in the field above the list. You can limit what is shown in the function selector by choosing a type of resource or function from the drop-down list.

When you select an item, basic information about it will be displayed in the Preview area on the right side of the function selector. You can view or edit the properties of a resource by clicking the View/Edit Resource icon.


You can add a new resource by clicking the Add New Resource icon.


Double-click the item to insert it into the equation. If you want to be prompted to provide parameter inputs when applicable, make sure the Add parameters when inserting functions using function selector check box is selected on the Display page of the Application Setup.

Equation Editor

The equation editor combines the functionality of the function selector with the color coding and preview features available for all equations. This allows you to create an equation by typing and selecting, without the need to open the function selector for each resource or function.

RENO equation editor

You can view or edit the properties of a resource by clicking Edit Resource.


You can add a new resource by clicking the relevant Add New command.

When you are finished building the equation in the equation area, click OK to insert the equation into the block or resource properties.