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Is there a way to share the resources (e.g., models, actions, etc.) of one project with another project?



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Starting in Synthesis Version 10, you can create resources (e.g., models, URDs, etc.) that can be reused in other projects in the database. There are two ways to approach shared resources. In both cases, any edits you make to a shared resource are automatically rolled out to all other projects that are linked to that resource.

Reference Project Resources

If you wish to control which users can use a particular set of resources, you can store the resources in a reference project.

A reference project is like any regular public project, except that you can share its resources with other projects in the database. The reference project can either be a managed collection of resources you want to reuse or it can be an actual analysis project that contains shared data such as FMEAs (see http://www.weibull.com/hotwire/issue182/tooltips182.htm).

Reference projects can be configured such that some users can reuse the resources in their projects, while others have no permission at all to select the resources.

Creating Reference Projects

To create a reference project, right-click the Reference heading in the project list and select Create Project, or choose Project > Management > Create Project and then select the project type from the project properties.

Project Properties Window

To convert an existing public project into a reference project, select the project from the project list and choose Project > Security > Make Reference.

Icon: Make Reference

Using Resources from Reference Projects

From any project in the database, you can access a reference project resource via the Resource Manager and resource wizards. Reference project resources are identified by the Icon: Reference Resource icon, as shown in the following example.

Resource Wizard

Global Resources

A global resource is a resource that can be used by any database user. There is no restriction on which user can use a particular global resource; however, in a secure database, only users with the "Create/edit/delete global resources" permission can edit global resources or create new ones.

Making a Resource Global

You can convert a resource from any type of project (private, public or reference project) into a global resource. Making a resource global cannot be undone. If you make a resource global, any resources assigned to it will become global as well. For example, if a URD has an assigned model, making that URD global will also make the model global.

To make a resource global, select it in the Resource Manager and choose Home > Actions > Make Global.

Icon: Make Global

Using Global Resources

From any project in the database, you can access global resources via the Resource Manager and in resource wizards. Global resources are identified by the Icon: Global Resource icon, as shown in the following example.

Resource Wizard