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Is there a way to set the plot color for a particular analysis and automatically use that color in any plots where it’s used?



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In Weibull++/ALTA standard and degradation folios, you can specify which color to always use for a particular data set in any plot where it’s used. This is especially useful in overlay plots, where you might want to associate a particular color with a particular data set.

For each data set, choose [Life Data/ALTA/Degradation] > Format and View > Override Plot Color.

Override Plot Color command



This opens the Override Plot Color window, which allows you to select the color for the data set.

Override Plot Color window

For overlay plots, repeat the process for all other data sheets that you want to include in the plot. When you create the overlay plot, it will display the colors you have selected for each data set, overriding the defaults specified in the Plot Setup.

Override plot

Note that the Override Plot Color command affects only the color of the lines and points. Other settings, such as the line thickness or point size, are based on the settings specified in the Plot Setup.