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How can I use the same FMEA in multiple places in the same database?



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Starting in Version 10, Xfmea, RCM++ and RBI now include the ability to use the same FMEA in more than one location in the same database. Any item in the system hierarchy can have one local FMEA and/or one or more linked FMEAs. A linked FMEA links to the exact same FMEA records that are associated with another item. All changes in the source analysis will be reflected in all locations where it is linked.

For example, consider the case of a bicycle manufacturer that uses several common components in its various bicycle models. The company can create a reference project that contains the FMEAs for components that are used in multiple different designs. This ensures that the FMEAs for these components will be available to the other projects in the database.

System Hierarchy

Then for a specific bicycle model, such as an all-terrain bicycle, the manufacturer can create a separate project that contains local FMEAs for the components and functions that are unique to the particular model and linked FMEAs for the common components.

To link to the FMEAs for the components that are already analyzed in the reference project, select the item in the system hierarchy, and then choose Analyses > Add FMEA > Add Linked FMEA.

Icon: Add Linked FMEA

In the Add Linked FMEA window, select the reference project and then select the FMEA you wish to link.

Add Linked FMEA Window

In the Analysis panel, you can identify a linked FMEA by the link symbols in the record, as shown next. When the source FMEA analysis in the reference project is updated, the linked FMEA will be updated automatically.

Linked FMEA Shown in Analysis Panel