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Is there a way to search or view analyses from multiple projects in a database?



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Starting in Version 10 of the Synthesis Platform, you can search for a particular analysis across all projects in a database and even view analyses from multiple projects at the same time.

For example, let’s say you want to compare the data for two spring mechanism models. You currently have the project for model #AR3 open. The data for model #AR8 is in another project, and you want to find that project so you can compare the data.

First, configure the software to allow multiple projects to be open at the same time. Choose File > Application Setup, and in the Synthesis Settings page, select the Allow multiple open projects (project explorer) check box.

Application Setup

Next, open the Synthesis Explorer by choosing Home > Synthesis > Synthesis Explorer. The Synthesis Explorer can display a list of all analyses stored in all projects in the database that you have permission to view.

Use the filters in the Synthesis Explorer to find the analyses you are interested in. For example, the following picture shows the Synthesis Explorer with the results filtered to show only the analysis names that contain the letters “spr.” (To apply the filter and show the results, click Load Data. To remove the filter, click the Delete icon button at the bottom of the table.)

Synthesis Explorer

Double-click the row containing the folio you want to open. Both projects will now be visible in the project explorer, as shown next. You can easily switch back and forth between analyses, as well as copy data or drag folios, diagrams, plots, etc. between open projects.

Project Explorer