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How can I generate a list of the tasks in my MPC analyses?



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MSI Report

When working with an aircraft systems and powerplant analysis in ReliaSoft's MPC software, you can generate an MSI report that shows only the tasks.

MSI Report

Custom Reports

Alternatively, you can generate task lists using predefined report forms and/or your own custom-designed report forms.

For example, when you generate a task list report for systems and powerplant analysis (in Version 10), you can choose exactly which task types to include in the report, and whether each task type will start on a new page or have all tasks together in the same table.

Custom Reports

MRBR Reports

In Version 10, you can also generate a maintenance review board report that includes all of the tasks from every analysis in the project (systems, structural and/or zonal-L/HIRF).

MRBR Report