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Using Mixture Designs in DOE++

In design of experiments, a mixture is defined as a product that is formed by mixing together two or more individually distinct ingredients, known as the mixture components. In some cases, the properties of the mixture are only dependent on the components and their proportions, and not on the amount of the mixture. For example, one cup of 10% hydrogen peroxide solution in water has the same properties as one gallon of 10% hydrogen peroxide solution in water. In other cases, outside influences such as process variable settings can affect the properties of the mixture as well. For example, the viscosity of a polymer solution will depend not only on the concentration of polymer in the solution, but also the mixing speed because higher speeds can break the polymer chains, leading to shorter chains and therefore a lower viscosity of the mixture. In this article, we describe the four common mixture designs followed by an example using DOE++ that illustrates how to create a mixture design.


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ReliaSoft Award Winner at Annual RAMS Symposium

Congratulations to Miklós Szidarovszky, Harry Guo and Ferenc Szidarovszky, winners of the 2016 Stan Oftshun Award, an honor given for the best paper at the Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS) presented by a Society of Reliability Engineers (SRE) Member. Their paper "Optimal Maintenance Policies under Changing Technology and Environment" was presented during RAMS in Tucson, Arizona from January 25 - 28, 2016. To view the research papers presented by ReliaSoft, please visit


Call for Presenters at ARS India

We are looking for presenters who want to share applications, success stories and lessons learned in reliability and maintainability engineering and also spark discussion and help discover best practices. The deadline for presentation proposals is March 25, 2016 for the August 10 - 12 Symposium in Bangalore, India. If you are interested in presenting, please visit for more information.


Take ReliaSoft Training Courses at Your Site

Did you know? If you have multiple employees that need reliability training, ReliaSoft can send our expert instructors to your organization. These on-site seminars are beneficial for receiving focused training on the topics that are critical to your projects. On-site seminars can save your organization time and money, and you can find an ideal time and location that meets your needs. For more information, visit

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