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How can I use BlockSim simulation results in my RENO flowchart?



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RENO offers a resource called a simulation definition, which lets you trigger simulation of a BlockSim diagram from within a RENO flowchart and use results from the simulation in the flowchart. A wide variety of RBD simulation results are available in this way, including information about availability, failures, costs, throughput and more.

For example, let's say that you have a system that requires preventive maintenance, and you want to figure out the cost and the mean availability associated with performing the maintenance at various times. You've modeled the system using a BlockSim RBD:

BlockSim RBD

You create a simulation definition that can be used to simulate the "System" RBD from within a RENO flowchart.

Simulation Definition "SD_System"

Within the RENO flowchart, you use a standard block that uses the RENO internal function called “simulate” to trigger simulation of the RBD.

Standard Block Triggering Simulation

You then use two more standard blocks with RENO’s internal functions called "sr_costs_total" and "sr_meanav" to retrieve the system's total costs and mean availability from the RBD simulation.

Standard Blocks Retrieving Results

When you simulate the flowchart, the "Simulate System" block will trigger the simulation of the RBD, then the "Total Cost" and "Mean Availability" blocks will retrieve the relevant results.

RENO Flowchart with Results