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Using Markov Diagrams in BlockSim for Reliability Analysis

Invented by Russian mathematician Andrey Markov, Markov chains are used across a broad range of applications to represent a "memoryless" stochastic process. This process is made up of random variables that represent the evolution of the process through various states. The meaning of "memoryless," also called the Markov property, is that the probability of being in a state during the next step is only dependent on the information present in the current step and not on any information from any steps prior to the current step. This article presents a way of using Markov chains in BlockSim 10.


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ReliaSoft Expert Presents at Dusseldorf Symposium

Adamantios Mettas, Vice President of Product Development at ReliaSoft, presented at the inaugural Computational Reliability Engineering (CRE) Symposium in Product Development and Manufacturing. He discussed the topic, "An Application of Physics of Failure Analysis within a DFR Framework," at the Dusseldorf, Germany event. The CRE ran from October
21 - 23 and was organized by the University of Wuppertal, Germany. You can read this presentation and other publications by ReliaSoft's team members by visiting


Get the Most Out of New Features in Synthesis Version 10

The release of Synthesis 10 offers many new features, ranging from general platform enhancements to powerful new analysis capabilities. Whether you're looking to boost your skills in the software, become an expert or just want to learn the basics, you can view detailed help files by pressing the F1 function key in the software. ReliaSoft also boasts an exceptional technical support team to answer your questions, as well as training classes that cover both the software and the underlying principles. For access to ReliaSoft help files and other educational resources, visit

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