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Is there an easy way to change the failure mode label or classification throughout an RGA data sheet?



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When you are using the Crow Extended or Crow Extended Continuous Evaluation model in RGA, the "Classification" and "Mode" columns in the data sheet identify the mode responsible for each observed failure and indicate the reliability growth management strategy that has been or will be employed for each mode.

The Convert Modes utility provides a quick and easy way to change the classification and/or mode label for all instances of a given failure mode in the data sheet.

For example, if you want to rename all BD instances of the mode called "26" to "26XY," choose Growth Data > Crow Extended > Convert Modes.


Then configure the window as shown next and click Convert.

Convert Modes Window

This will update all rows in the data sheet that have "BD" in the Classification column and "26" in the Mode column.

If management later decides not to implement a delayed fix for the "26XY" failure mode, you can open the utility again and use the following settings to change the failure mode classification.

Convert Modes Window