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What is the "project owner" and how can it be changed?



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In a Synthesis repository with login security enabled, the project owner has full permissions over the project regardless of any other project security settings or item permissions that may be in place. This includes the ability to edit the project properties, add/edit/delete project items and resources, lock and unlock, set security settings, create restore points and delete the project.

By default, the owner is the user who created the project, but this can be changed. The current project owner is always identified in the status bar of the project properties window.

Project Properties

It can also be displayed in the Project List when you apply a filter that groups projects by owner.

Project List

And it will also be displayed in the Manage Projects window, if you have the permissions to access the window.

Manage Projects Window

Changing the Project Owner

In a secure database, the ability to change the project owner is available only for users with the applicable "manage projects" permission. In Version 8/9, this is called "Manage all projects." In Version 10, this can be "Manage all public projects," "Manage all reference projects" or "Manage all private projects," depending on the type of project that you want to re-assign.

If you have the required permission, select the project in the project list and choose Project > Security > Change Owner.

Change Owner icon

Then choose a new owner from the list of database users.